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The Kraken Shield –  Manual v1.0

The Kraken Shield is a hardware project derived from the OctoPill v1 project.

Project Goal

  1. Simplicity, clear labels for all connections keep the board small and simple to use.
  2. High Quality audio built in using the DFPlayer.
  3. Built in power regulator to provide enough power for the arduino, inputs, & output relay modules.

Get to know The Kraken Shield


Operating Voltage12VDC 1Amp Minimum | 5.5mm DC Barrel Jack input & 2 pin terminal.
Voltage Out The ”Power In” Or Trigger – + terminal block’s can be used to power external devices.
Trigger Voltage5 to 12VDC Selectable with the Trigger Voltage Output switch.
Relay Outputs120 VAC max., 10 amps max. (each output)


  • One 3 pin terminal block for any type of triggered input Low or Hi (Software selectable.) Labeled – + IN with a selectable output voltage of 5vdc regulated or 12vdc un regulated using the “Trigger Voltage Output” switch 
  • Three Pin PIR or Motion detector input for passive infrared detectors like the HC-SR501 – S + Ground Signal & Power (Confirm that the “Trigger Voltage Output” switch is set to 5v to prevent damaging the device.)
  • Play Button – Allows to to review your programmed show.
  • See Power for more information on Relay Output limitations & Specs.

Outputs – Relay Modules

  • Relay module connections are 5vdc only, note the VCC & GND pins match the Relay module pins when attaching the relay module cable. 
  • You can have 8 total outputs using a 8 channel relay module or 4 outputs using a 4 channel relay module.
  • Once the relay modules are connected they’re considered DRY (no power) outputs.

Relay Wiring Examples


  • Using the DF-Player we provide better sound quality than many other serial MP3 players. It has a Micro SD card holder built into the module so you can store your tracks and show files in one place.
  • Audio Out Speaker is a mono audio output that can support a 3-Watt 8ohm speaker.
  • Audio Out 3.5 mm Stereo audio jack supports any powered speaker system of your choice for better quality audio at a much higher volume.
  • Supports Two Audio Tracks | Ambient 0.mp3 & Scare 1.mp3

To use audio you will need a Micro SD Card


Head over to and download the latest software from the Octobanger Project page. (Also shoot them a couple bucks while you’re at it) This is the freeware that allows you to create wonderful displays.

Firmware & Configuration

Setting up & downloading the firmware

Upload the Firmware & change the settings to your specs. The next procedure is setting up the firmware and controller properties.

Getting an error when plugging in your Arduino?

If you are using a nano clone, you may encounter an error. The button below will allow you to directly download the proper drivers.