OctoPill Prop Controller Shield Make-N-Take Kit

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Octopill is an arduino nano shield for the OctoBanger Software.

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Grab your soldering Iron and get Get yourself a OctoPill Kit!

Save $ by purchasing the kit version of the OctoPill.

Check out the step-by-step instructions for the Kit: Here

What is the OctoPill?

The OctoPill is a Arduino Nano Shield that allows you to control anything from 4 to 8 devices using the most common 4 channel and 8 channel Relay modules. No programming necessary and simple through-hole soldering. It’s compatible to work with the OctoBanger Software from Buttonbanger.com.

What Can I use the OctoPill for?

  • Museum Exhibits
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Holiday Props & Lighting Control
  • Interactive Displays
  • DJ Lighting and Effects
  • Atmospheric Animations
  • Escape Room Effects


  • 1 Motion Detector Input (To trigger your sequence)
  • 1 Dry Contact Input (To trigger your sequence)
  • 1 Play Button (To test your show sequence)
  • 1 Serial MP3 Module Input (For high quality audio)
  • Easy to use software (Buttonbanger.com’s Octo Banger)
  • Individual input and output configuration
  • Autonomous audio track and scare audio track (triggered with motion or a switch)
  • Easy to understand tutorials (Plus you can always shoot us a message!)

OctoPill Package Contents

  • One OctoPill Kit (Soldering Required)

Not Included/ Needed to work

  • Arduino Nano (Link)
  • 4 or 8 Channel Relay Board 4ch (Link) 8ch (Link)
  • 5v 2amp USB Charger (Link)
  • Micro Usb Cable (Link)
  • Octo Banger Software (Free) Direct Download Below

All Links are suggested sources to find the necessary products; You can find them on other sites like Ebay.com for competitive pricing.


  • Serial MP3 Player (For High Quality Audio) (Link)
  • 1 Gb Micro SD Card ( To Store your High Quality Audio) (Link)
  • Motion Detector (Link)
  • Mat Switch (Link)

1 review for OctoPill Prop Controller Shield Make-N-Take Kit

  1. Brian Sullivan (verified owner)

    Came exactly as described. This product does assume some knowledge of electronics, you’re buying a kit after all. Still, a quick assembly/parts sheet would be useful. Kinda nitpicking, I admit 🙂 Everything is surface mount on the top side, save for the 10 pin header, that gets mounted on the opposite side. The Arduino won’t fit otherwise, which is kinda obvious, but a quick sheet to sanity check would have been cool.

    But that’s a nitpick, the product comes exactly as advertised. Would buy again.

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