OctoPill Version 1 | Setup & FAQ

This project started as an idea of simplicity. something easy to use our haunt’s (Fatal Mentality) & (Deadtimedreams) that take little thought to use and reuse. i quickly realized that more haunters like myself wanted /needed something like this to exist too. When designing the board I wanted something that could grow over time & allow me to put into a box knowing that nothing would go wrong. The mess of wires was a constant worry and possible point of failure.. Thus The OctoPill was created, used, and abused. Still working all over the USA.

Setup Instructions

There are a few steps to take before running your first real-time show. Follow along below and become the neighborhood show stopper in no time.

You’ll need a few things before getting started.

  • Arduino Nano (link)
  • 4 to 8 Channel Relay Board 4ch (Link) 8ch (Link)
  • 12v 2amp power adapter (link)
  • 5v 2amp USB Charger (Link)
  • Micro USB Cable (Link)
  • Mp3 Sync 2.0 (LINK)
  • Serial MP3 Player (For High Quality Audio) (Link)
  • Micro SD Card ( To Store your High Quality Audio) (Link)
  • Motion Detector (Link)
  • Mat Switch (Link)

NOTE: All Links are suggested sources to find the necessary products; You can find them on other sites like Ebay.com for competitive pricing.

Download the Button Banger Software

Head over to ButtonBanger.com and download the latest software from the Octobanger Project page. (Also shoot them a couple bucks while you’re at it) This is the freeware that allows you to create wonderful displays.

Octobanger software overview

Firmware & Configuration

Setting up & downloading the firmware

Upload the Firmware & change the settings to your specs. The next procedure is setting up the firmware and controller properties.

Get an Error When Plugging in Your Arduino?

If you are using a nano clone, you may encounter an error. The button below will allow you to directly download the proper drivers.