OctoPill 2.0 Setup & FAQ v1.0
Octopill logo pill bottle with a skull on it


  • Fully assembled OctoPill 2.0 Haunt Shield , stacks onto 4 or 8 channel relays, Arduino Nano & Audio Modules snap right in.
  • Power the OctoPill 2.0 with 12 Volts using the added 5v regulator.
  • Octo-Control switch allows you to select 4 or 8 channel relay modules.
  • Input’s for a Motion, Foot Switch, Button and more. (22 gage wire recommended)
  • Trigger input now has selectable power output 12v or 5v (Choose before adding to cart, default is 5vdc.)
  • Use the common Serial MP3 players or the DFPlayer based on your project specifications.
  • 3.5mm stereo audio jack built into every board.

If you don’t have the software yet you can get it here: ButtonBanger.com

Get an error while plugging in your Arduino Nano?

No Worries.. This is normal with the Arduino Clones. you may need different drivers to get your Arduino Clone working correctly.

Download it here:

Confirm the settings

Select Channels on the left > Change the Active LOW Boxes to match the image below.

Goto the selected properties tab on the bottom > PinMapping > Change to Default_TTL

If you’re wanting to use a button change this setting from low to hi,

NOTE: If you’re planning on using a PIR Leave this setting default (Low).

Select Serial Communication tab > then transmit config to controller (The gear with an arrow on it.